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Secure "No Email" distro

Production companies are daily and unnecessarily exposing themselves by sending out sensitive scripts and coordinating documents through personal email accounts. With Cinecore, you retain absolute control over all the files that are related to your project. Production crews can access all relevant files in a simpler, faster, and superior mobile app than traditional document management and communication methods.

For the entire cast and crew

Unlike other products available that only help a few people in the production office, Cinecore is the only product that keeps your ENTIRE crew updated and organized with file sharing and push notifications. The strength of the system is its simple ability to keep hundreds of people on the same page in an instant!

Fast and very easy to use

We designed Cinecore to give you access to all your important documents quickly and easily. The most common comment when using Cinecore is “this is really easy”. All your necessary docs are there and oh so fast! Cinecore gives you instant access to everything you need inside one super simple interface.

Unlimited file storage

You and your team can upload and share all your files and pictures right within Cinecore and across all mobile devices. No more complicated invites to cloud storage services and accidental removal of important docs. With unlimited storage, you don’t have to worry about filling up your space either! We support most file types and you never have to worry about filling up your space.

Location Maps

Say goodbye to paper maps forever! With Cinecore, 3 pins are dropped on a google map giving your crew directions to crew parking, basecamp and the shooting location. On mobile, you are two clicks away from voice guided directions within your map app of choice. We also automatically gather the location’s weather, wind and sunrise / sunset info so your crew can plan their day accordingly.

Notifications & Alerts

Why dig through emails to find the latest Call Sheet, miss a new Schedule because it was left on your desk or walk to the production office for that latest Script. With Cinecore you receive push notifications when new documents are posted so you never miss an update or new document again.

Simple file sharing across all your devices

A big change in our 2.0 release was adding full file sharing across all your devices. And you don’t need to email invites to share files with anyone on the crew. Simply select who you want to share with and they get access on their end instantly. You can even upload photos right from your mobile device and share them from wherever you are, no desktop needed.

Your documents should stay under your control

There has been a lot of discussion in Hollywood lately about security and using personal emails for document distribution (or distro, if that is the local, industry lingo). Once this information is in crew members’ inboxes they can share this information with whoever (more commonly used now) they see fit. This creates a problem that opens up you and your production to unwanted media exposure and outside eyes on proprietary information. Same goes for Dropbox and Google Docs. These personal accounts should not be used for company-specific material. With Cinecore, you retain total control over all files that are related to your project, keeping your information safely behind our security walls. It also allows for quick access by those who need the critical information the most. Once in the system, documents are locked in – with view-only permission granted to only assigned crew.


With Cinecore you can watermark all your sensitive documents with one click. When watermarking is enabled, the software will automatically take the first and last name of each crew member and watermark chosen documents instantly and across the board. This feature personally watermarks the documents you choose for both desktop and mobile.


Cinecore Permissions are a simple way to control what your crew can access and post. We know that every show is run a little differently and wanted to give you complete distro control. Set your permissions once, and everything will automatically be distributed for you. No printing script labels, no extensive email lists, no shrinking sides, etc. Everything is done for you. You always may edit and even save your permissions settings to load on later projects.

Manage Crew

Inviting users to your project is surprisingly simple. All you need is an email address and Cinecore sends them an invite code placing them in the department you invited them to. When they login and join your project, their contact info will automatically be added to the crew list by department.

Crew List

A Crew List is automatically generated by department and titles when new cast and crew join the project. On Cinecore mobile, email and phone numbers are links for even easier communication. Every project’s crew list that you join will be saved with your login for easy access at a later date.

Catering menu

With the Catering Menu section,  you can upload menus for the cast and crew. Either in pre-production for takeout orders or posting the days catering during production. Simply post a pdf of the menu and everyone can view it instantly.

Creating a new project is very simple. Fill out production company info, upload a logo, set your billing and you are in. Then simply invite users to your new project and your off to the races.

Joining a show is a snap! You will be sent and invite email from the project creator. If you have used Cinecore already, just log in and your new project is ready for you. If you have never used Cinecore before simply download our app, sign up with the same email address you were sent the invitation to and that’s it, your in the project!

In our industry, there are overlapping projects all the time. Simply toggle between projects you have been invited to and all your information is right there where you are used to seeing it. Or if you are a studio or production house you can easily monitor all your projects by quickly switching between them.

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