iOS, Mac and PC Downloads

Cinecore is subscription based but paid for by the production, cast and crew can download and use the apps for free!

Download Cinecore for your Mac, PC or iOS device.

Project creators will pay a small per month fee for each user but for the crew, it’s absolutely free. See Pricing for details if you are launching a project and plan to use Cinecore.

If you plan on starting your own project and want to use Cinecore that’s great! New projects should be created using our desktop app and this is where you will be inviting all your crew and setting permissions for the mobile app users.

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Software Download

Free download (Mac and PC)


Free Download

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iPhone & iPad app

Free download from iTunes


Free Download

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Android app

Android apps will be available soon.

Coming Soon...

Our Android app is in the works and will be available in the next few months.