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Cinecore is the entertainment industry’s only complete project management solution.

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Digital file storage

Now you have access to all your department’s important coordinating documents. Store all your files and pictures in one place. Working from home? Save your files to Cinecore and you can access them at work. No more external hard drives, or struggling to invite people to a third party file storage program.

Location maps

Welcome to the future of location maps. Simply type in the address of the shooting location and crew parking and Cinecore does all the work for you. Two pins are dropped showing the location and crew parking automatically.

iPhone and iPad apps

Access full Scripts, Schedules, Call Sheets, Prelims, Sides and Crew Announcements right from the palm of your hand. As soon as the files are uploaded, you will have access to them.

Store in the cloud

We understand the complex communication and tight deadlines you work in everyday. Easy, fast access of need to know information was priority number one. Your files are safely stored in the cloud to access from either your desktop or your phone.

Engineered to stand out

What makes Cinecore so unique is that we are software on your computer. So if there is no internet as there often is in remote locations, you can still access your most important documents. Read a script on the plane, scroll through sides on location and still access documents on the dashboard if the office internet goes down. Cinecore also has unique features like integrated google maps, file storage, public documents, crew announcements, permissions and our highly anticipated mobile and tablet apps.

Cinecore’s beautiful desktop gives you fast access to what you need most.

Save time for what’s really important instead of searching for the latest documents in you email or running back to the production office.

“Cinecore gives us real time context around our most valuable asset which is content.”

—Sean Cooney, Director of advanced technology at Warner Bros.

“Film production comes out of the dark ages and into the paperless era with this software and app system that coordinates Scripts, Schedules, Call Sheets, Sides and Crew Announcements into a virtual production office accessible from iPhones, Mac’s and PC’s.”

— Variety Magazine

“Cinecore will put productions on cloud nine!”

— Technorati

Free Download for all cast and crew

Download either the desktop software or use the apps if you want to stay mobile or a combo of both, it’s up to you.

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iPhone & iPad apps

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