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Cinecore is the entertainment industry’s only complete project management solution.

Did you know that a typical TV sitcom used over 830,000 sheets of paper and drove 17,000 miles in one season, managing their labor force..

Immagine the costs involved in executing this coordination. You know it well and I’m excited to introduce you to Cinecore. We offer the most cost effective, efficient and ecological solution for production’s daunting asset management challenges.

Josh Ritcher

co-founder, Cinecore

Digital file storage

No more searching for emails, flipping through  papers, saving files to external hard drives, or struggling to get others to log into your third party file storage program. With Cinecore, can  you can conveniently access all your department’s important coordinating documents, files, and pictures all in one place from the convenience of your laptop, or mobile phone–wherever you are.

Location maps

No need to open up another app. Cinecore tells you exactly where to go in a snap. Looking  for the shooting location or crew parking? Just head toward the pin drops automatically populated on the Cinecore map.

iPhone and iPad apps

Don’t  let printing or keeping up with emails slow you down. Access  continuously updated full Scripts, Schedules, Call Sheets, Prelims, Sides and Crew Announcements right from the palm of your hand.

Store in the cloud

You work under  tight deadlines, complex communication, and private matters every day. That’s why we made it a priority   to grant you get fast, easy access to need-to-know Information.  Access your safely stored permission-based files from your phone, laptop or tablet, wherever you are.

Centered around you.

You didn’t get into this industry to sit at a desk. When  you’re off shooting in remote locations and there’s no Internet, we believe you should still be able to access your most important documents.  Cinecore’s software can be accessed from your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, , making it convenient and easy to  still read a script on the plane, scroll throughSides on location and still access documents on the dashboard  if the internet goes down. Cinecore also has unique features to make your work life easier like integrated google maps, file storage, public documents, crew announcements, permissions and mobile and tablet apps.

Cinecore’s beautiful desktop gives you fast access to what you need most.

No more wasting time and energy scrolling through emails or  driving back to the production office. Cinecore’s beautiful desktop and mobile app give you fast access to what you need the most–so there’s more time to focus on what you do best.

“Film production comes out of the dark ages and into the paperless era with this software and app system that coordinates Scripts, Schedules, Call Sheets, Sides and Crew Announcements into a virtual production office accessible from iPhones, Mac’s and PC’s.”

Variety Magazine

“Cinecore will put productions on cloud nine!”


Cinecore provides real time context around the creation of our most valuable asset – content.

Sean Cooney, Senior VP of Production & Post Technology at Warner Bros. and Warner Bros. Media Camp 2013 Mentor to Cinecore, which participated in the program

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